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At Temple Grafton, the children will be following a rigorous programme teaching the key spelling patterns and concepts and the statutory word lists detailed in the National Curriculum.

Each half term we will be sharing with you the spelling patterns and the statutory word lists that your children will be learning.

Class 3

Spelling Focus

Example words

Revise suffixes: -s, -es, plurals

house/ houses     school /schools

bus / buses     lunch /  lunches

baby / babies             city / cities

Revise suffixes: -ed past tense verbs

play / played     look / looked         invent / invented

carry / carried     fry  / fried     

hurry / hurried

drop  / dropped       bat / batted  

hug / hugged

Revise suffixes from: -er.

quick  /quicker    long / longer       cold /colder

big  / bigger         hot / hotter     

thin / thinner

happy / happier     funny / funnier    lucky  / luckier

Words with the  ay sound spelt  differently

ey – they    obey

ei – vein        reign    

eigh - eight,      weight         neighbour

aigh – straight


Words with the sound i but different spelling.

myth, gym, Egypt, pyramid, mystery women

busy   build  pretty


Words with the sound u but different spelling.

young, touch, double, trouble, country should would could

son, Monday, month, wonder

good blood stood flood foot

Words ending with the /g/ sound spelt –gue and  the /k/ sound spelt –que (French in origin)

league, tongue, rogue, catalogue, plague


boutique, mosque, cheque antique, unique

Homophones and near homophones : words that have the same sound but different spellings

accept/except, affect/effect, ball/bawl, berry/bury, brake/break, fair/fare, grate/great, groan/grown, here/hear, heel/heal/he’ll, knot/not, mail/male, main/mane, meat/meet, medal/meddle, missed/mist, peace/piece, plain/plane, rain/rein/reign, scene/seen, weather/whether, whose/who’s

Prefixes: un-. pre-, dis-, mis-, re-.

undo     unhappy    unfair

preorder, pretend, prehistoric, previous,

disappoint, disagree, disobey

misbehave, mislead, misspell

redo, refresh, return, reappear, redecorate

Revise apostrophe for contractions

can’t, didn’t, hasn’t, couldn’t, it’s, I’ll, wasn’t , they’re, we’ll, 


Our focus words from the statutory Y3/4 word list

Half term 1

actual                learn          build


group               heard         often    

arrive               circle

Our focus words from the statutory Y3/4 word list

Half term 2

woman          women       perhaps    

pressure       promise     therefore

opposite       ordinary