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School Council

The purpose of our school council is to enable children to participate in the decision making process of the school and gain first-hand experience of the workings of a democratic organisation.

Every September new forum representatives are elected by their classmates. Temple Grafton will have a total of 10 representatives.

The school council meets approximately once a month with Mrs Yorke to discuss issues that have been raised in school that affect the children or the wider community.

Think of all the decisions that are made about your school..........

  • how can we make lessons more interesting
  • what school trips should we organise
  • what equipment should we buy
  • how can we help pupils make friends

But how can teachers listen to all the ideas? That would take too long, and nothing would get done. Pupils need a way of discussing issues, and making decisions which will help everyone in school. Schools work better when pupils and teachers are working together and listening to each other.