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Learning at Home

Latest school closure due to COVID19 - Wednesday 6th January 2021 - Fri 5th March 2021.

During times of school closure / isolation, home Learning will be set via Microsoft Teams. All children will be expected to engage in online lessons and complete the assignments set.

Remote Learning Plan

Parents should opt for flexibility when needed. Although we need daily engagement with the children, we are fully aware of the difficulties families are facing and ask that you put the happiness and wellbeing of your families first. A delay in submission of a piece of work or submission of a part-completed piece of work is not likely to be a problem!

Most of all we hope the children enjoy their learning at home, please get in touch if you are struggling.

Please make sure that your children are safe whilst working online. Please click here for further advice from the UK Safer Internet Centre.

Information regarding remote education and logging into Microsoft Teams can be found below.