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Keeping Safe

Keeping safe is really important. When you are not with your parents or carers (your trusted adults), you need to remember to keep yourself safe.

Here are some tips to help you:

  1. Never go somewhere with a person (male or female) if they ask you to go unexpectedly. Even if it is a person you know, speak with your trusted adults before going anywhere.
  2. Never accept gifts or sweets from somebody you don’t know.
  3. Never get in a car with somebody unless your trusted adult has told you it is okay to do so.
  4. Never go off on your own without telling a trusted adult. Stay with your group of friends - never wander off on your own.
  5. Never get close to a car to give directions - keep away so that no one can reach you.
  6. Remember, it's okay to run and scream if you find yourself in danger. Get away from the source of danger as fast as you can. If you find yourself in danger always run towards shops or other busy places where there are lots of people.
  7. Never play in the dark or in lonely places. Always tell a trusted adult if you have been approached by somebody unexpectedly.
  8. Make sure your trusted adults know where you are going and when you will be back. If your plans change, be sure to tell your trusted adults.

Need to talk?

Contact ChildLine anytime - calls are free and confidential