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Fire Safety

Here are some basic key safety messages to be aware of:

  1. Always tell a grown-up if you see matches or lighters lying around
  2. Never play with matches, lighters or lighted candles
  3. Never play near a fire or heater and keep toys well away from them
  4. Never put things on top of heaters or lights
  5. Never play with anything electrical - cables, sockets or household appliances
  6. Never switch on the cooker or put anything on top of it and never touch any pans on the cooker


If you need to make a 999 call having discovered a fire

  1. Make sure you're in a safe place, well away from the fire before you call 999. Remember 999 calls are free and can be made from any phone. You need to ask for the 'Fire and Rescue Service'.  If you don't have a phone to hand go to a neighbour for help.
  2. When you speak to the operator, try to be as calm and clear as possible, and give your full address.
  3. Tell the operator what is on fire, eg: the house/garage.  If you can remember to say what type of house, eg. two storey or bungalow, that is even better.
  4. Be sure to tell the operator if you think anyone is trapped in the house. Can you remember which room they're in?
  5. Never go back inside a burning building, no matter how worried you are about anything or anyone left in the house. Stay with an adult and wait for the fire service to arrive.