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Class Information

Class 4 Information

Class Teacher: Mrs Pellet-Ward

Mrs Staples-Grantham and Mrs Shearn.


Homework will be set on a regular basis and as a rule, homework will be as follows:

  • Monday – reading/ maths / tables.
  • Tuesday – reading/ maths / tables.
  • Wednesday – reading/ maths / tables.
  • Thursday - reading/ maths / tables.
  • Friday - ‘I Can Do Maths’ marking day.
  • Science – as required.
  • Topic – children to work on a chosen piece from our Homework grid, ready for presentation to class on a rolling programme. Two completion dates per term will be both shared with the children and posted on Class 4’s page on our school web site.
  • Big Talk – weekly or fortnightly, with an expectation for planning notes based on the discussion which has taken place.

Children have a mental arithmetic homework book. A test is set on Friday and should be completed by the following Friday. We advise that each section of the test is gradually completed during the week. Pupils have the opportunity to work on the questions in class and can request additional support where they need it. Children also have access to My Maths, an on-line homework and support programme, for which they each have a log-in and password.

Big Talk works in support of our Big Writing programme and provides an opportunity for students to ‘talk through’ their ideas for the extended writing session. This will happen as appropriate and certainly every other week, usually on a Wednesday or Thursday, just before a Big Write on Thursday or Friday morning.

Our Homework Grids allow children an independent choice from a range of suggestions related to our topic. We will run this on a termly basis, after which the homework will be reviewed by me and children will be expected to present their work to their class mates. Presentations will be on a rolling programme throughout the year. Please refer to our class 4 page on the website for dates to bring in and share your home learning from the homework web. We do not expect any homework to take longer than 30 minutes. If you have any problems relating to time, please let us know.


We have a structured library of reading books in the corridor, all of which are part of the Accelerated Reading programme. Following assessment, each child will be guided to the correct level, as a starting point. Each band within the structure offers a wide range of genres and interest areas for the children to choose from, at an appropriate level. Books brought from home should be accessible through the AR programme. The children cannot be listened to on a one to one basis as frequently as we might like, so your monitoring and support of their reading will be of great benefit to them. Their reading and quizzes are reviewed on a regular basis.

Indoor Shoes

Labelled pumps (PE) to be in school at all times.


 A fully labelled P.E. kit must always be in school, but the set lessons are:

  • Games – Monday (rugby, football/netball/multiskills kit)
  • P.E. – Wednesday, (gym kit – t-shirt, shorts, pumps, trainers, (should weather permit outdoor option).


We provide the following equipment: A handwriting pen, pencil, pencil sharpener, rubber, ruler, calculator, circular protractor.

Children can bring in a small pencil case containing colouring pencils and a small glue stick (items to be named please). They may also wish to bring a small snack box. (KS2 children are not eligible for free fruit or milk)

We would ask for your child’s water bottle to be filled at home each morning. They will be replenished each lunch-time.


We believe in positive reinforcement and the children can collect Merit Points in both work outcomes and independent thinking skills.

  • Each tally of merits earns a “Distinction Dot” (DD).
  • Children collect their DDs on a card and when they achieve 20, they will receive their first reward. They will continue to accumulate DDs, earning rewards at intervals of 40, 80 and 100. At this point they will receive a badge and a new card for collection.
  • The Golden Wall, present in each classroom, provides an opportunity for children to gain ‘golden bricks’ for following the...Golden Rules! At the close of each term, we place all the bricks in a hat and draw a winner. The draw ensures that all children will continue to be motivated by the chance to win a prize, by the end of term.
  • The children are organised into table groups within class and as such are encouraged to develop a sense of group/collective responsibility. Each table group has a name and they earn Smiley Faces for working co-operatively as a team; organising themselves quickly and efficiently, in line with the expectations set by the teaching staff.
  • Each week a pupil will be chosen as ‘Star of the Week’ in recognition of positive behaviour across all aspects of school life. They will receive their ‘certificate’ of stardom in Celebration Assembly, to which parents are specifically invited.

Year 6 Managers

All year 6 children have the opportunity to hold a management position within the school e.g. “Milk Manager”, “Register Manager”. These are significant in terms of the responsibility they carry and are important to the smooth-running of the whole school. Some year 5 children may also be given duties.

If you have any queries about any aspect of life in Class 4, I would be only too pleased to speak with you; either briefly after school or by appointment for more detailed concerns or queries.