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Class Information

Class 2 Information

Class Teacher:  Mr Boothroyd

The following staff will be working with your children to support their learning in Class 2:

  • Teaching Assistants: Miss McGahan and Mrs Thomas
  • Mrs Staples-Grantham (Cover Supervisor: Music, Drama and French)

Morning routines

In the morning, the children say goodbye to you on the playground and come in to school independently. First, they go into the cloakrooms to hang up their coats and store lunch boxes. Each child has a labelled peg. On entering the classroom, the children are responsible for handing their reading book and reading record ready for checking and changing if required. They then put their water bottles into the water bottle boxes and store their book-bags in their trays. The children then go to their places to either complete the morning activity or if complete their AR reading quiz. Once all the children have arrived, we gather them to the carpet for the register and the day begins.


Homework is important way of enhancing and reinforcing the learning that happens in school. Each term we will send home home learning grids linked to the topic we are following in class. Each grid contains a range of different activities related to the topic. We would like you and your child to choose one activity to complete. Hand-in dates will be stated on the Homework sheets.

In class 2, homework will be as follows: 

  • Daily – reading
  • Weekly - maths
  • Big Talk - as appropriate
  • Home learning grids
  • Homework should take no longer than 15 – 20 minutes.

Reading Books

  • Following assessment, each child will be given a book from the correct level in our structured reading schemes. We have a wide variety of books to cater for most interests and levels. Children will read on a one to one basis with an adult regularly their books will be changed as required over the week. Children are encouraged to be responsible for putting their books out for changing when they are completed. More independent readers will be encouraged to change their books, with our guidance, as necessary.
  •  The support you, as parents, give to your children when listening to them read is invaluable and it would be very helpful to us if you could make short comments in their reading diaries to record their progress, the completion of the book or any concerns you may have.
  • In addition to our reading scheme we have a structured library of reading books which are part of the Accelerated Reading programme. When the children are reading with a good degree of independence and fluency, they will be assessed and guided to the correct level as a starting point. The levels are reviewed termly or at the teacher’s discretion. Each band within the structure offers a wide range of genres and interest areas for the children to choose from. Once a book has been read the children take a ‘reading practice quiz’. This is done in class and should take place within 24 hours of completion and lap tops are available each morning for this purpose.


P.E. kit must always be in school and clearly labelled.

We do PE on the following days:

  • Monday- Games or fitness lesson (outdoors weather permitting)
  • Wednesday - Gymnastics or Dance.( Tee-shirt, shorts and pumps)

Equipment/Drawer Storage

  • In Class 2 all equipment is provided and pencil cases are not essential equipment. However, some children like to use their own colouring pencils in the afternoons for topic or art work. If this is the case please ensure that the pencil case and all colouring pencils are clearly labelled with their names. The pencil case should be of a suitable size to fit in their drawers and appropriate for school.
  • Daily fruit is provided by the Government fruit scheme. Occasionally children ask to eat their own fruit from home. Children are welcome to do so and if this is the case we ask that it is brought into the classroom and kept in their drawer until snack time (not in their lunch box.)


  • As a whole school we have our Golden Bricks which are given out for following the Golden Rules. The bricks are displayed on a wall in the classroom. The children work hard to gain as many bricks as possible which will increase their chance of getting an award. At the end of each Term all the golden bricks are put in a hat and winners are picked out and a small prize is given.
  •  In class we have our sticker charts where children can put any stickers they are given for achievement, good work, team work or good lunchtime behaviour.
  • Each day a person is chosen and they are awarded ‘Star of the Day.’ The person is invited to tell us about something they have learned today or found particularly interesting. Their picture is displayed on our special star display and they are given a sticker.
  • The children are encouraged to work together as a group on their tables to develop a sense of  collective responsibility for equipment and  for organising themselves quickly and efficiently , thus earning themselves stickers  or extra choosing time.
  •  Each week a pupil will be chosen as ‘Star of the Week’ in recognition of positive behaviour across all aspects of school life. They will receive their ‘certificate’ of stardom in Celebration Assembly, to which parents are specifically invited.

All your children are settling well into their new year groups and working hard to meet the new challenges. We  hope I have covered all the areas within Class Two that may be of interest to you, however, if you have any queries please do not hesitate to come and have a chat after school or put a note in the reading diary.

We are looking forward to a happy and productive year in Class Two.

Many thanks for your support