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Christian Values

Christian values and practice are at the heart of our school life and they underpin all that we do. Our distinctive Christian character is developed through every aspect of school life. We have strong, well established links with our local churches who contribute regularly to our worship programme and we enjoy opportunities across the year to worship in St Andrew’s our local church.

Our aim is to provide a safe environment in which each child feels valued as unique and precious and in which each child can find security, acceptance, reassurance and an opportunity to flourish. We aim to create a caring and happy community in which Christian values are upheld. We encourage caring relationships between all members of the school community, characterised by Christian love, kindness, respect and trust, with a mutual concern for each other’s well-being.

Reflection areas, displays and artefacts are a constant reminder of our Church of England school status.

Each half term we explore a different Christian value to enable children to understand its meaning and look for opportunities to demonstrate the value and observe it in others.